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The Nandryx Chronicles

Posted by Willow on August 13, 2013 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, some time ago, you guys were roleplaying humans on here. I mean, it was regular human roleplay, but a whole site about that? Psh. So, I came up with the idea for The Nandryx Chronicles about a month ago (maybe even earlier than that, I'm not exactly sure...) and have been working on it kind of unsteadily.

The actual roleplaying isn't ready. But the everything else is! I still have to work on locations and other stuff and some other stuff...but, I decided to post this just in case you guys were interested ^.^' Here's the link (it's in the picture XD)

So, uh, yeah. Explore, suggest stuff in the comments, and ask any questions you want!



Posted by ^-^ Kindles Soltice ^-^ on July 16, 2013 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Hey everyone! Remeber, the medicine cat moonpool gathering is tonight :) 

If your a medicine cat and you miss three moonpool gathering you will be taken from your position, so make to join us!



Cat roleplaying only

Posted by Silver on July 12, 2013 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (4)

Attention all members!: Some of you may be wondering if you are aloud to roleplay as a human or wolf. The answer to that question in no. This is a warrior cat site only, so please only roleplay as cats. You can join other sites if you would like to roleplay as a wolf or human. (There might be a human roleplay site coming soon! ;) )

Thank you for your cooperation!


PoD: Starting Checkpoint

Posted by Willow on July 5, 2013 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Ok, this post is really to check if who wants to be in the prophecy has been recognized and will be put down on the list. Here are the usernames of all the role players who wish to compete:






Moonpaw and co

If your name is not on this list and you wish to compete, comment on the blog post: 'PoD: Task 1'.

PoD: Task 1

Posted by Willow on July 4, 2013 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (14)

We are now officially starting the tasks for the Prophecy of Darkness!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heAw4z71lvo <-----Click it!

Ok, this is our first official task.

Task 1

For this task, you must tell us which cat you are going to compete with, what position you are going for, and their basic information. The form should be like this:





You MAY NOT compete for two main cat roles. You can do combinations like main cat from FireClan and mentor to the cat from MoonClan, but not main cat from FireClan and the main cat from MoonClan. You cannot compete with leaders, deputies, queens, or kits. Oh, and you might want to check the positions again for the prophecy before doing this because they just got updated!

It's easy! So if you want to compete in these tasks to be included in the prophecy, input the information in the comments!

Cat Descriptions

Posted by ^-^ Kindles Soltice ^-^ on June 25, 2013 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (4)

Hey guys :) So heres the deal.


Now that Im an admin, I was adding some cats and I realized how short and undetailed some of the descriptions were. I'd like to adress that now.

Anyone who has a very short description, next to it I will put in paranthesis- (More Coming Soon?)

I dont mean to pressure anyone into having a 5 page essay XD But I think it woud be nice to have some more details so we can actually get a feel for your cats personality.


If you have any descriptions to write (I have some myself :0 ) I reccomend you get on that or lengthen some of the really short ones. ;)


Thanks for reading!!!!!!



Solstcie, PEACE~ :P



Prophecy of Darkness

Posted by Willow on June 25, 2013 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (4)

As all of you (hopefully) know, Warriors: A New Dawn (WAND) has started a prophecy. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we now present: the Prophecy of Darkness! *tremendous clapping* Now, here's the deal: tensions are running deep between the Clans. There seems to be some secret running through certain cats from each Clan, but what? The answer is that the Unknown Ones have come to take revenge on the Clans, and wipe them out. For good. Their leader is Shadowstorm, the leader of rebel cats that started the Great War. He is not alive, but has a great impact on the living world of the Clans. Shadowstorm's plan is to send out his scouts into cats' minds and erase all memories of StarClan. Don't gasp yet, it gets worse. After erasing all memories of StarClan, new memories will replace them. Memories of the Unknown Ones. This will turn the affected cats violent, mean, and just in disrespect of the warrior code. Some, however, will be untouched by the Unknown Ones. We haven't really figured out why, but I guess we will over time.

Now, we need people to fill in the roles of the cats in the Prophecy of Darkness! I have decided that we will have kind of like a contest (not really, something more like a friendly competition XD *realizes that it's the same thing*) with different tasks to see who will have the chance to survive...The Hunger Games.....Wait, wait, no wrong thing XD Anyway, these are the roles we have planned!

Cat from MoonClan: (Can be male or female, any age, but when they actually do things in the prophecy, they must be at least apprentices, CANNOT BE LEADER OR DEPUTY)

Cat from SkyClan: (Male or female, any age, must be appy by the time prophecy officially starts, CANNOT BE LEADER OR DEPUTY)

Cat from FireClan: (Male or female, any age EXCEPT LEADER OR DEPUTY, must be appy by the time prophecy officially starts)

Cat from NightClan: (Male or female, any age EXCEPT LEADER OR DEPUTY, must be appy by the time prophecy officially starts)

Cat from TORW: (Male or female, any age, must be at least a to-be by the time the prophecy officially starts)

Mentor for Cat from MC: (Male or female, must be warrior or up, only necessary if cat from MC turns out to be an appy)

Mentor for Cat from SC: (Male or female, must be warrior or up, only necessary if cat from SC turns out to be an appy)

Mentor for Cat from FC: (Male or female, must be warrior or up, only necessary if cat from FC turns out to be an appy)

Mentor for Cat from NC: (Male or female, must be warrior or up, only necessary if cat from NC turns out to be an appy)

Sidekick for Cat from MC: (Male or female, any age)

Sidekick for Cat from SC: (male or female, any age)

Sidekick for Cat from FC: (Male or female, any age)

Sidekick for Cat from NC: (Male or female, any age)

Sidekick for Cat from TORW: (Male or female, any age)

Leader of the Unknown Ones/Tribe of Unknown Souls: Shadowstorm, free to be role played by anyone

Live Leader of the Followers of the Unknown Ones: Spidertail, role played by Willow

Unknown Ones/Tribe of Unknown Souls: You do not have to compete for this, just volunteer

Followers of the Unknown Ones/Followers of the Tribe of Unknown Souls: You do not have to compete for this, just volunteer

Well, that's kind of it. Anybody who would like to role play Shadowstorm must compete in the competition, no questions asked. Task 1 will be posted in time.

Happy role playing, Willow <3


Posted by Willow on June 19, 2013 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (5)

Hey! I'm so sorry I haven't been active in such a long time! I've been caught up with a few things in my life right now (family issues, vacation, money, etc.) so I haven't found the time for the site. But I will try to keep active for now. I may disappear for a few days, BUT I WILL ALWAYS BE BACK. SOME DAY. Now, I am slightly disappointed that Solstice has been pretty inactive, and I have been considering deleting her characters. BUT IT IS NOT OFFICIAL SO DON'T ASK ME FOR LEADER YET. I've also decided that when a person becomes a leader, they can only be leader for five months, then that character has to die. Whoever is deputy becomes leader, and the person who is the new leader CHOOSES the deputy. Themselves. As a leader, you have great responsibility. You have to check the active-ness of each warrior, and choose the one who you think will be best as deputy, then leader. I also suggest that you pay no attention to deputy requests. NOW YOU MAY NOT JOIN AS A DEPUTY. Moving on, I am slightly disappointed and angry at myself for now being here on the 16th for the medicine cat gathering. It didn't even happen! All because of me. I hope all of you guys on WAND can forgive your horrible site owner :/


Posted by Silver on June 17, 2013 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Due to a recent idea..We should hopefully be able to have this member check! :D {Don't forget to say 'Hi', or 'Welcome' to the new members! ;) }

(Most recent first)

Currently Active Members (CAM):


Tangledclaw,Ashfur,and Mistystone

Fernfeather and other kittehs!!~*AKA Spottie,Millie,Pepperment,Pepper,Peppers,or Peppeh!!*~




^-^ Kindle ^-^


New Members (NM):

None at the moment

Inactive Members (IM):



Moonpaw and Co









Clovertail,Skylarpaw,Horsepaw,Leopardpaw,Basilpaw and Heatherpaw! (AKA Heather or Skylar)


Still thinking of a name.

~:* Junekit *:~


dovepaw,squirrelflight,sparrowfoot,longpelt,Bramblemoss,Frost tail,fernpelt and more!

Spottedpaw (AKA Nightpaw)

Snowberry and Frostpool and the rest of my cats


Spottedkit,Spottedpaw,Spottedlilly (aka Spot,Spotted,or Lilly)




Hollyleaf ~ A.K.A. Holly ~ -NEEDS TO POST IN CHECK-IN

Nettlesprings - - POST SOON

Larkie - - POST SOON

The superkitty ( aka snow :3 ) - -  POST SOON


Ranna - - - MUST POST SOON

Mistyriver - - - MUST POST SOON

Pebblefrost - - - MUST POST SOON

Lightningblaze, Dawnstripe, Ahiga(Wild wolf) - - - MUST POST SOON


Welcome ALL new members and congrats to our active members!! Please try to be active! :) This means Posting in the rp forums, (if it's your turn) And posting in the 'active member' forum post. Thanks! :D

If you are on the Inactive members list, (expecially near the bottom) I suggest that you start posting some more and post in the active member forum post. You are in danger of having your characters wiped and getting deleted.

Click to go to the check-in

Short Notice

Posted by Willow on May 18, 2013 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (0)

So, I just checked the moon phases calendar, and guess what I found out...THE MEDICINE CAT GATHERING AT THE MOONSTONE IS TODAY!! I feel really bad for not telling you guys beforehand, but I will try to get the message to all of the medicine cats to head to Mothermouth. If not enough people hear of it, then we can continue tomorrow. But after Sunday, we cannot continue anymore, no matter how little we roleplayed there. I will add a calendar app to the site so that you guys can actually know ahead of time next month. DX